Bruce has been writing, producing and directing for over twenty years on a diverse range of subjects from ancient mysteries and the paranormal to global terrorism and the British monarchy. His films have been shown in over fifty countries around the world and have generated over $20 million in sales.

Bruce, who started making The Restaurant Show for Britain’s ITV back in 1992, is known for his investigative specials for SKY, ITV, TLC, Travel Channel and Discovery, which have included Dreamland, The Lost Ark, The Uninvited, The Cattle Files, Impact Earth, The Real Men in Black, Alien Encounter, The Ark of the Covenant Revealed, The Bermuda Triangle Solved, In Search of the Holy Grail, Bigfootville & Return to the Bermuda Triangle.

He is also known for his successful documentary specials on the British Royal Family, including: William: The Making of a King for ITV’s Granada Television and William: A King in Waiting for E! Network ; as well as the two hour special The Royal Soap Opera for ABC ; and more recently, William & Kate: Inside The Royal Wedding for the BBC’s UKTV Channel and Discovery’s TLC.

Burgess has also made Sabina’s Story for BBC2’s Correspondent about the Bosnian War; Bombs and Basques for Channel 4 News about the ETA terrorist group in Spain ; and Broken Dagger for TLC & Discovery Networks International, about Global Terrorism.



In 2003, he wrote, produced and directed his own 35mm short film, a period, comedy ‘noire’ called Rosbeef.
A rough cut of the film was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2004. Shot by renown DP Tim Wooster

(Alexander, Cold Mountain, Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

It was filmed entirely on location near St Tropez in the South of France, with an a French cast, lead by David Ginola, Isis Emery and Theo Triffard. Le Parisien newspaper in France praised the ‘…outstanding performances..’

Sky News in the UK called it ‘Darkly comical…’ And the London Daily Express said ‘Ginola as you’ve never seen him before…’


That same year he started working on a feature documentary, Bloodline, which he wrote, directed and executive produced.



Bloodline premiered in New York City & Los Angeles in May 2008 before opening
in cities across the USA, selling out theaters and garnering rave reviews.


– Stacy Gualandi, Fox 5 News

“If the Catholic Church fumed over the ‘The Da Vinci Code’ wait until it gets a load of ‘Bloodline’, an AMBITIOUS, sharply INTRIGUING documentary…”
– Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

“So people will call it CONTROVERSIAL, I call it INTRIGUING and FASCINATING…it’s the kind of picture you will be talking about long after you leave the theater.”
– Sandy Kenyon, WABC, New York

“RIVETING…the year’s MUST TALK- ABOUT film !”
– Kev Lewin, WENN


“UNPARALLELED REVELATIONS deposed front and center render the picture A GEM that unpretentiously swings for the fences and lands in the alleyways the next town over.…FOUR STARS”
– Mathew Nestel,

Bloodline was released on DVD in October 2008.



In November 2008 Bruce was asked to write, direct and host a major new series for NBC Universal’s SCIFI Channel called Relicquest, shooting in Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Mali, Ethiopia, China, France and Cyprus.



William & Kate

In November 2009 Bruce signed a deal with London based Simply Media TV, to develop, write, produce and direct a raft of original new programming for the company. This included Return to the Bermuda Triangle, William & Kate: Inside the Royal Wedding, and Royal Baby Watch all for Discovery’s TLC Channel, as well The Demon Hunter on the prolific US exorcist, Rev Bob Larson, as a series called The UFO Files which was sold to the SYFY Channel in the UK and is being sold around the world.


William & Kate

Great British Ghosts

In July 2011, Bruce was asked to write and direct a new series for Altamar Entertainment called Great British Ghosts, an eight part series hosted by Michaela Strachan which tells the ghostly tales of some of Britain’s most famous locations. The series airs on UKTV’s Yesterday channel.

Great Bristish Ghost

By Royal Appointment

In February 2012, to tie into the Queens Diamond Jubilee this summer, Bruce was asked to make a documentary called By Royal Appointment for a new production company in London called Like a Shot Entertainment. It looked at the various craftsmen and companies who hold Royal Warrants to supply Her Majesty the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh & Prince Charles with food, wine, clothes and all manner of goods. Here is a short trailer. The documentary aired on ITV3 in the UK.


Great British Ghosts 2

In April 2012 Bruce went into production on a second series of Great British Ghosts for Altamar Entertainment and UKTV. Hosted by Michaela Strachan again, the series travelled all over England and Wales visiting some of the most haunted castles, manor houses and pubs in the land. The series starts to air on the Yesterday channel in late August 2012.


British Gangsters

In July 2012 Bruce goes into production on a new series called British Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld in which author, Bernie Mahoney, will meet some of Britain’s most notorious gangsters and crime bosses, including those connected to the Krays, the Great Train Robbery and the infamous Brinks Matt heist.


Halloween Special of Great British Ghosts

In October 2012 Bruce wrote, produced & directed a ‘Halloween Special’ of Great British Ghosts with Michaela Strachan from Carnfield Hall in Derbyshire, reported to be one of the most haunted locations in England.


Professor Hutton’s Curiosities

In 2013, Bruce created, produced & directed another new series for UKTV’s Yesterday channel called Professor Hutton’s Curiosities in which Professor Ronald Hutton of Bristol University takes us on a tour of some of the smaller, hidden gem museums in London. Bruce made the series with Altamar Entertainment.


Forbidden History

Also in 2013 Bruce created, produced and directed a further series for UKTV’s Yesterday channel called Forbidden History with Jamie Theakston. In the series, Jamie travels from the Middle East, across Europe back to Britain investigating some of the more controversial elements of our history including the lost treasure of the Knights Templar, the third secret of Fatima, the legends of Giants in Sardinia and the mysterious world of the Alchemists. Bruce made the series with Like a Shot Entertainment. Bruce has gone onto make three very successful series of Forbidden History which has several times been chosen as ‘pick of the day’ by the UK Press


The Secret Life of Uri Geller

In the Spring of 2013 Bruce created & produced a new documentary for the BBC called ‘The Secret Life of Uri Geller’. The film was written & directed by the Oscar-winning Vikram Jayanti and looks at the fascinating, top secret work & missions that Uri Geller undertook for the CIA & Mossad over the years. Bruce produced the documentary with Spring Films.



Bruce has also made a number of other major historical series that have aired both in the UK, USA and around the world. These include:

INQUISITION on the history of the Catholic Church’s brutal terror across Europe.



THE PRIVATE LIVES OF THE TUDORS presented by Royal historian Tracy Borman, taking us inside the private world’s of King Henry Vlll and Queen Elizabeth amongst others.



SPYMASTERS on the incredible world of spies down through history, starting with the work of Thomas Cromwell in the 16th Century.



INSIDE SECRET SOCIETIES takes us into the shadowy worlds of the Priory of Sion, the KKK, the Japanese Yakusa, and the infamous Islamic Assassins.



WORLD’S GREATEST HOAXES takes a look at some of the biggest hoaxes over the last century, including the Hitler Diaries, the Piltdown Man skull, The Loch Ness monster, and the War of the Worlds radio broadcast.